Synthesis Report of GLOBALANDS published

The GLOBALANDS project officially ended in April 2015. As the final output, a synthesis report was published by the Federal Agency of Environment.

The report highlights the main results and conclusions of the project.


Presentation of final project results at the 19th May 2015 in Berlin

Presentations can be downloaded here

In a final workshop, the GLOBALANDS team (see photo) presented a synthesis of the research results to mostly governmental actors as well as civil society. Presentations included governance pathways to sustainable global land use, new urban-rural linkages and food systems as well as recommendations to the German government and open (research) questions, and were accompanied by vivid commentaries and discussions. Many participants expressed there appreciation on the results' density and their relevance for current policy-making.


At the Global Soil Week 2015 (April 19-23) in Berlin, GLOBALANDS participated in the Dialogue Session 3.3 “Soils and land indicators for the international policy agenda: towards joint action“ and presented the Systemic Indicators approach. Furthermore, GLOBALANDS organized the Open Space Session 4.2 on “Sustainable land use and human habitats: the role of cities and rural development in achieving sustainable land use” and presented project results on Urban-Rural Linkages and Urban Governance.


Presentation at the World Bank - Land and Poverty Conference March 23 – 27, 2015

GLOBALANDS contributed to the World Bank Conference "Land and Poverty 2015" in Washington DC (March 23-26) with a paper and a presentation on results of the project in Session 10-05 “Governing effective land use using environmental accounting approaches”. Furthermore, the project participated in discussing the proposed World Bank “Environmental and Social Framework” in Session 12-05 “Update on the revision of the World Bank safeguard policies”, indicating that a GLOBALANDS Discussion Paper is available which critically reviewed sustainable land issues in the proposed framework.